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What our clients say?

Well...See for yourself.

“Our firm manages hundreds of properties in the Mid-Atlantic and we work with REVA on quite a few. There is no firm that does a better job of being proactive and helpful than REVA. These guys articulate their expectations, hold us accountable and they work with us cooperatively and aggressively to be sure everything is done right. Great to work with and great advocates for the owners.” –Stella Walton, Vice President/Director of Asset Services, CBRE
 “The people at REVA are sticklers. They pay attention to the details and watch out for the investors’ interests. With a keen sense for value, knowing where to invest resources for the biggest returns, REVA’s approach has delivered better property performance.” –Adam Megenity, Director, Commonwealth Commercial
“When it comes to a solid grasp of the fundamentals, the REVA principals are as good as any real estate investor or operator we do business with in the Mid-South Region….and that includes the big national institutions.” –J. Scott Adams, CCIM, CBRE Regional President
“The best of the breed. You are, without a doubt, the best of the 10 commercial real estate investments I have made. I wish I had put more money in your projects.” Mr. L.E., Private Investor, Whittier, CA

REVA Companies


REVA Funding, LLC is the finance arm of Real Estate Value Advisors, a family-owned and laser-focused real estate investment firm founded in 2005 by brothers Steve and Chris Sadler.


Since it began, REVA has completed more than $400 million in commercial real estate syndications, providing its real estate investors with millions of dollars in income, along with steady asset growth and preserved capital. Many of our investors return to REVA. We see repeat investors in nearly every equity program we offer.


delivered those payments 100% on time, and repaid principle on the stated maturity date on 100% of our Notes.
For our Note investors, REVA has delivered of 100% promised interest payments

Our investments are solid because they are built on a foundation of solid research. Before deciding on an investment, REVA investigates the property and the market, looking into demographics, economic factors, politics and infrastructure. We discover details that others miss, and use them to give our investors a competitive advantage.


When REVA manages a property, we have a proven track record of improving performance, cutting costs, and increasing efficiency. Our success in this area has also helped our real estate investors get a better return on their investment. Our properties even remained stable during the Great Recession of 2008-2010.


REVA’s strong record is based on a proven strategy: buy good assets at reasonable prices, guard their value through attentive and proactive management, and assure excellent cash flow in order to weather any negative market changes.