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What's the Deal?

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This investment is a real estate-backed, fixed-term, fixed-rate Note offered to Accredited  Investors by Reva Funding, LLC, the finance arm of Real  Estate Value Advisors.

Rates of Return

Try getting rates like this on a CD.


You get a fixed coupon, quarterly interest payments, and a firm maturity date. Just like a CD, if you need your money back before the term of your investment is up, you can get your entire principal back, but there will be interest penalties.


The real estate backing these notes is commercial real estate, but you don’t become a part owner of an office building. In effect, you’re loaning us money, and in return, we’re paying you a much higher interest rate than any bank would or can pay.


Your Note investment is combined with our cash equity to buy the buildings that back the Note. In addition, you get the corporate guarantee of Real Estate Value Advisors and the personal guarantees of both Chris Sadler and Steve Sadler.

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