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REVA invests in prime commercial real estate. Specifically, office buildings. High-quality office buildings in desirable locations.

The current estimated value of the US non-residential commercial real estate market is $24 Trillion. That’s bigger than the New York Stock Exchange, which has a total value of just under $20 trillion.

Real estate is literally a hard asset. It’s made of steel and concrete and glass. And if it’s the right property in the right location, it’s a stable investment with a steady cash flow. It provides its owners with stable, steady, secure income. All of REVA’s acquisitions have been high-quality commercial office buildings in desirable markets.


We believe the future of commercial office properties is very bright. REVA is focusing more on debt-free opportunities, where investors own the building outright. There’s no lender, so there’s no risk of foreclosure.


Thanks to federal legislation such as the JOBS Act, investors have better access to better investment alternatives, and that benefits everyone. This is a very good time for accredited investors to be looking at reducing their risks. That’s a huge benefit of commercial real estate.